Laura (molinator) wrote,

AHHHHHH, what a great Friday :(

Just had to let that out.

Thursday's at work, I sit at the reception desk from 8:30-10:00. I have to answer the phone, so I rarely leave except to quickly run down the hall or get something from the printer.
Well, I leave my purse under my desk because why not right? I am on my way out for lunch at noon and realize in the elevator that my purse feels light and my wallet is missing. I go back up thinking it fell out on the ground. No wallet on the ground. AND I realize my iPod used to be in there too. someone playing a joke on me? NO. Someone managed to come into our office, dig through my purse, and steal my wallet and iPod (thank goodness they left my cell phone, keys, and USF ID card/my bus pass.) They had to have done it fast because I was never away for more than 1 minute, and I know that it couldn't have been an inside job. It is so bizzarre because our office building is nice, and you wouldn't expect it. I also signed for all deliveries that came in. I guess one of those delivery men could have come back in or something, I don't know. Not only is an iPod pretty expensive, but the wallet is what bothers me most. There were so many things in there, including my license (which costs $30 to get a new one), credit cards, debit cards, insurance card, only $30 cash I think, etc. Of course cancelling everything included hours on the phone on hold, which is always fun.
They only bought 2 $20 Bart tickets with my credit card, which is interesting seeing as I think they had at least 2.5 hours to act. I hope that does not mean they just want my identity becaues they have a lot on me now. Damn You Thieves.
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