Laura (molinator) wrote,

I'm back...for today anyway

It's been a few months. I made my way back here today because I am in the Napa office alone this week and it can be quite boring at times. Nothing like getting paid to update my live journal though!

The get together at Rose's was fun. Since Alex isn't home to have a party and I rarely seem to organize something, it was good seeing people. Plus, Teresa and I kicked some Ass playing Texas Holdem. haha, I wish we put real money in.

Nothing much new, just keeping busy with work. I live in Rohnert Park, work in Napa Mon-Wed, then live and work in SF Th-Fri. The only thing that makes the Napa drive is this freaking million degree weather since my car's air conditioning doesn't work. I am shopping for a new car though. I want the shortest (length) and most fuel efficient thing I can get. Mini, Yaris, Focus, Matrix,etc are on my list of possibilities. I just need time to make it to the dealerships.

Please cool down a little bit. I usually seem to be cold blooded, but not cold enough to like this weather. Damn global warming.
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