Laura (molinator) wrote,


1 more final tomorrow morning and it is summer. It is an easy one too. I have today off and am pretty bored, though enjoying it.

Rachel and I went to some apartments on Monday, so hopefully we are pretty much done searching.

I did get the internship, so that is good except for the fact that I will not have Fridays off anymore. :( I start in mid June, so hopefully I have a place to live and easy downtown bus access because I don't want to comute two days a week all summer and waste half of what I am getting paid on parking. I get a whopping $150 a month. It is for the experience and I am only going to be there 1.5 days a week at the most.

I'm pissed because I just found out that I no longer have the huge scholarship I thought I'd have all four years. Aparently it was somewhat need based and now that my brother is out of college, they expect us to pay $30,000 a year instead of $17,000. Part of the reason I came her was because they gave me a lot of money and now it is down to $5000 a year. Damn them, this is not good at all. Hopefully when my mom reviews the Fafsa, she will find an error and I will get more.

I can't wait to move out of this place!
Can anyone tell me why the heck someone would wake up at 7:30 to go running, then take a nap at 12:45??? Why don't you just wake up later and run instead of taking a nap? Please get me out of here, I'm sick of it.
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