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2 down, 2 to go

I am officially FINISHED with Accounting II and Women's Literature!!!
Only 2 more classes to go! Last classes tomorrow, then a final on Tuesday and Thursday.

I'm so happy for it to be Summer. I will finally have some time and be able to get away from my roomate once and for all. Still have to look for an apartment though, because the guy never got back to us.

Portland was fun. Flying back at 6:05 AM yesterday was not too great, but I had a good time while up there. Friday, it was in the 80's and we went on a jet boat tour on the Willamette River. It was great fun, but the nexts days it wasn't too nice out. It even poured at my brother's commencement.

I'm going to the Giants game on Thursday because my ride home for the weekend is going. Looking forward to it. Babysitting on Saturday, but not many other plans for the weekend. I don't really need to study much for my 2 finals, so I should enjoy the time at home.

Can't wait to move out of the dorms FOREVER!!!
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