Laura (molinator) wrote,


So I am off to view another apartment in 15 minutes. The guy I talked to basically forced me to look at another one he has avaialable, so I have to go to 2, but only have public transportation to get around. I told him that, so he said he could drive me to the second one.
Now, I've tried calling him to tell him I don't want to look at the other one, but he doesn't answer and his message box is now full. hmmm..I'm a little suspicious, but since I have an appointment I better show up. I will attempt to take the bus to the second one because I don't really want to get in a car wiht a stranger. Anyway, I am telling you this so that you can do something if I never return. haha, his name is David. His cell and craigslist posting are on my computer.
Bye...wish me luck.
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